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This site is being phased out and use primarily as a place where I write the occasional blog. For events and news, do have a look HERE. Thank you! VC, Jan 2017.


Zine artefact, 1 of 30 created for the performance of These twelve things are True, August 2015 for John Walter’s Alien Sex Club

I am under commission for TOAST magazine 2016 and The Good Immigrant, publication dates tbc.

Saturday, 4.45pm – 6 pm, 27th February 2016, The Betsey Trotwood, BARE LIT

My short story, Dumpling, has been selected to be performed at Bare Lit, the UK’s first ever festival celebrating writers of colour. Details of the event HERE.

“Last year, the UK’s three largest literary festivals featured over 2000 authors. Of those 2000+ authors, only 4% were from Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian or East Asian backgrounds, based on a report published by Spread The Word.”

Why is a festival for writers of colour needed? Art is based on the desire to discover and to communicate. Sharing, asking questions and generating dialogue could do so much to reduce interracial hatred, fear and violence which so many of us face on a daily basis. This violence, physical and direct, as well as indirect or institutional bias happens daily, in the UK, to people of colour. I am proud to be a part of this event which celebrates writers of colour, which gives much needed acknowledgement to artists of colour.











Saturday, 2pm, 1 August 2015, Ambika P3, ALIEN SEX CLUB

I have written a new 20 min performance piece, These twelve things are True, a lyric composition of live and recorded text inspired by conversations between Dr Michael Brady, MD of the Terence Higgins Trust and Kings College Hospital and me. Performing it will be Gloria Sanders, Rebecca Yeo, Elizabeth Chan, and Dr Michael Brady, with special appearances by Sophie Herxheimer and Charles Adrian. Details HERE.

These twelve things are True

but I don’t know

Frequent testing for HIV = Good

Why We see things we see things where What


Are these





Everything is surmountable, darling

Everything a promise, and you


how I feel about







Wednesday, 7.30pm, 5 August 2015, Barge Bar at Maltby Street Market, DON’T SING IN THE KITCHEN (OR YOU’LL MARRY AN OLD MAN)

I will be writing and performing 10 mins of new material I’ve written at this wonderful fundraiser event I can’t wait to attend!

Anna Sulan Masing and Safiah Durrah are presenting a work in progress excerpt of their new play, Don’t sing In the kitchen (or you’ll marry an old man), supported by some fab openings acts, including me. This will be the first in a series of curated performances around the topic of ‘Food’.

Home is a central theme of our play, and what is and where is home are the questions we throw around, this journey of performances in both London and Malaysia is part of that.

More details online HERE


Greg Wohead’s CELEBRATION, FLORIDA, 13th June, 9pm – I’ll be performing in Greg’s piece at The Yard in Hackney Wick. I am really looking forward to this as I have done something similar with Lucy Pawlak and I really enjoyed watching her recent piece, Timeshare 2. Here, I’ll be performing with someone I haven’t met, Dan Watson. I like Greg’s work a lot.

“These performers are here for you. They are surrogates. For a person you miss, a place that’s far away, a time you wish you could go back to.” Details here.

***I’ve been nominated for new BBC award, Best Debut Performance in Audio Drama for DOSTOEVSKY AND THE CHICKENS. HURRAH! Directed by Emma Harding and wrItten by Xiaolu Guo. Am so grateful to have been a part of this. Details HERE.

December 8th 2014 – May 27, 2015 – Working on Tom
Stoppard’s new play, THE HARD PROBLEM, directed by Nicholas Hytner at the National. We open late Jan and I’m very excited indeed! Details here. It’s SOLD OUT but there will be day seats and a possible release of further seats. Check in with the Nash.

Sunday December 21, 7.30pm – Pascal and I are playing Wondermare‘s Christmas party at Union Theatre in Southwark appearing as two thirds of our band, Friends of Friends. £5 entry on the door. Details HERE.

November 12th – My band Friends of Friends plays WICKED LIVE at Number 90 Bar in Hackney Wick. Our sound? Americana style alt-folk. WHAT? It’s lyrical but edgy. We feature a ukulele but rock out to guitars.This is our last gig of the year and we’ve got a few new songs to showcase, so… looking forward to seeing you there! Details HERE.

November 9th – THE KOMAGATA MARU INCIDENT by award-winning Canadian playwright Sharon Pollock. I’ll be performing in a reading directed by Vik Sivalingam as part of the Finborough’s Vibrant Festival of Playwrights. More details here.


LISTEN ONLINE NOW: Sunday, October 19th, 10pm, BBC Radio 3 – RHINOCEROS IN LOVE by Liao Yimei is being broadcast. A staple in Chinese rep theatres, this is the first time the story is being told in the UK. According to the Sunday Times Culture snippet above, I’m “bewitching” in it!

Saturday, October 25th, 2014, Rich Mix – Presenting a collaborative poetry piece with beautiful Sophie Herxheimer at Camaradefest II, a fun, naughty day of poets coming together with works they’ve collaborated on. Organised by the powerhouse that is Steven J Fowler who runs the excellent We Are Enemies project. Details here.

OCTOBER 2014 – I’m in R&D workshops with Bryony Kimmings on her new project with Complicite in September, making a musical about cancer. I’ll also be starting a new theatre job in December. Very exciting details to be announced soon! Finally, to commemorate Richard Brautigan’s death 30 years ago, download a track from my experimental opera based on Erik Patterson’s play, Tonseisha, by clicking on the box above.


Sunday 5th October, 12 noon –  TIMESHARE – Vera Chok performing as Lucy Pawlak at Art Licks Weekend

“I’m resting on a sofa in my Mexican Mother-In-Law’s timeshare condo on prime Cancun real estate in Mexico. I want you to keep thinking about her sofa because eventually I’ll ask you to make it appear… This is an exercise in teleportation. We’re going to merge my space and your space. I want you to feel it more then see it.”

More details will be available soon HERE. You may recognise Lucy from my Fogo Island adventures. She is one of my all-time top artists.

SEPTEMBER 2014: I’m excited to be building momentum in screen acting. I have been cast in a couple of feature films, MISS YOU ALREADY (Dir. Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), featuring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore), and DUMPEE, Sasha Collington’s debut feature, where I get to work with Sasha and Christopher Schneider (of TS Ukpo films) again, and a short, LOOPER, directed by Christine Sherwood, shooting this Autumn.


September seems to be Chok Film month. THE RIOT CLUB aka POSH the movie, directed by Lone Sherfig (An Education) opened a last week. The great news is that it’s won US distribution.


Friday, 3rd October, PANIC premieres at the Raindance Festival. It’s been nominated for Best British Feature. Details on how to watch it HERE.

Friday September 5th, 2014 – My band Friends of Friends play a charity gig for Made in Mind, in support of MIND the mental health charity. Looking forward to it, especially as it’s being MC’d by Bernadette Russell. The Warehouse, Waterlook, from 6.30pm. Full details here.

August 15th, 14:15 – I feature in the opening episode of the seventh series  of BRIEF LIVES. Tune in to Radio 4 on August 15th, 14:15 for the Afternoon Play broadcast.


31 July – 1 August 2014 – I’ll be performing and co-produciNg a new work in progress showing of TONSEISHA – THE MAN WHO ABANDONED THE WORLD at the 2013 Tete a Tete Opera Festival. Tonseisha, written by Erik Patterson with music by Kim B Ashton, directed by Gary Merry, is a modern cross-disciplinary opera my company saltpeter has been developing for the last four years. Booking details HERE.

Image of Brautigan by Daniel Davidson, UK artist.


21 June 2014 – 12 July 2014 –  I’ll be playing Maria in the Regents Park Open Air Theatre production of TWELFTH NIGHT, directed by Max Webster. I am very excited about to performing Shakespeare, a comic role AND doing an open air show. All three are exactly what I have been aiming to do this year! HURRAH!

13 June 2014
I’ve a tiny turn at Bernadette Russell’s exciting new feminist cabaret, Fanny Peculiar’s Hellfire Club at Art Admin this Friday. It’ll be fun! Details:


CHIMERICA won five of the five Olivier Awards it was nominated for: Best New Play, Best Director, Best Lighting, Best Sound, Best Design! It was one of the best experiences of my life, being part of the family (the crew, stage management, Almeida, Headlong and SFP staff and of course, the cast) and I’ve made some incredible friends.


Til April 21, Oxford –  LIKE SAND DISAPPEARING OR SOMETHING (audio installation). I had the pleasure of working with artist Hannah Rickards and performers Gloria Sanders, Ted Schmitz, and Charles Adrian Gillott to make this piece. It is currently part of her restrospective at MOMA Oxford. Details here.

LUCKY THIRTEEN – Here’s a link to the Dr Who fan film I made with TS Ukpo recently. We had so much fun and I LOVED playing this kind of comedy.


Katie Leung and me at The National, in THE WORLD OF EXTREME HAPPINESS, 2013.

2013 was taken up by two amazing experiences: CHIMERICA (Almeida and West End) followed by THE WORLD OF EXTREME HAPPINESS (National Theatre). I cannot quite explain how lucky it is to work with not one but two gorgeous companies who are now like family, cast, crew and company behind the scenes included.

Jan 21, 2014 – 1848 – The new New Factory of the Eccentric Actor show at Conway Hall. All information here. I am a bit terrified, excited and honoured, as always, to be a part of one of their shows.


Feb 13, 20, 27 – VERA CHOK’S MEGA DANCE PARTY XXX! is getting its UK debut at my three-date Anti-Valentine festival in Feb. I will also be singing with my band, Friends of Friends. Both occur on the 27th of Feb but do have a look at the other two events which I am producing. They’ll be very sweet. Details HERE.

Feb 14 – Paula Varjack’s Anti-Slam. Worst poet and worst performance wins! I came second after the only person I’d lose to, friend and inspiration, Charles Adrian Gillott. Details here.


Feb 15 –  Dostoevsky and the Chickens airs on BBC Radio 3, 9.30pm. This is my first radio play appearance. Writer and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo saw me in HAPPINESS and I am super-excited about the piece, not least because I get to sing on air.


March: I filmed two new projects with Tony Ukpo this month, whose film Random 11 in which I appear, is getting a US release in April 2015. Workshopped a new play with Bryony Kimmings for Soho Theatre, another 2015 project, and reconnected with the gloriously inspiring Golda Rosheuvel. At the Royal Court, I was at the table for the first draft readings of a Zinnie Harris play. I cannot wait to find out what happens next. It was super chewy. My pitch to the Oxford Fringe was successful, and so you may well be able to catch Vera Chok’s MEGA Dance Party XXX! there this summer, I filmed a corporate where I got to play an auditor  – some of you might know that I used to be one, so this was a trippy skip down memory lane – and I’m still basking in the glow of a mid-Feb win: I was first runner up at the annual Anti-Valentine Anti-Slam with the help of beautiful Isabelle Schoelcher, losing only to none other than Ms Samantha Mann, my hero. Not bad!

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