Solo Work

This site is being phased out but remains where I post the occasional blog. If you’d like to find out more current news about the work I make, please do have a look HERE. Thank you! VC, Jan 2017.


Image above created with the help of Lucy Pawlak. Photograph taken on Fogo Island.

2014/2015 – In general, I have a put a hold on making performance in order to focus on acting. I do however, have some dates coming up. Have a look at the Dates and News page for upcoming showings of new writing.

I continue to support artists I admire and writers in their projects, in particular, Lucy Pawlak and John Walter. Below is a list of recent pieces – my own and for artists – and links to video.

I am interested in creating pieces that live beyond the performance. I’m intrigued by archaic or non-traditional performance practices, looking internationally, being inspired by fields outside theatre, being irreverent, relishing risk and celebrating mistakes.

Solo performances

5 August 2015 – UNTITLED. An improvised, interactive musical storytelling piece involving audience at Anna Sulan Masing’s R&D showing of Don’t Sing In The Kitchen.  Experiment: Moving from specifics to universal shared experience, improvised singing storytelling mash up with memoir.

13 June 2014 – WHALE SONG (for Artists), Fanny Peculiar’s Hellfire Club at Arts Admin. Experiment: Performing a joke

14 Feb 2014  – Annual Anti-Valentine Anti-Slam – VAMPIRE OF MY HEART, OR, HOW I FOUND GOD AND AM AT ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE. Performance supported by Isabelle Schoelcher. Experiment: Performing the worst poem ever. Watch here.

Various dates through 2013 – VERA CHOK’S MEGA DANCE PARTY XXX! – Schloss Neuschweinsteiger, Berlin; Avellana, Seville (Nov 2013), Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club (Feb 2014). Experiment: Testing the performance of autobiographical material.

6 – 7 Apr 2013 – THE HAPPY ARTIST – Tempting Failure Festival, Bristol. Experiment: Changing a stranger’s life in 5 minutes.

21 Feb 2013 – Nathan Evans: I Love You but We Only Have Four Minutes to Save the Earth, Toynbee Studios. Experiment: Saving the world with pop music and silly dancing.

9 Dec 2012 – VERA AND FRIEND – Mary Bijou Christmas Cabaret, Cardiff. Watch one of the two pieces here. Experiment: Clown at a cabaret.

4 – 5 May 2012 – YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON – Live Art Speed Date, Stoke Newington International Airport. Experiment: Get a stranger to fall in love with you in 5 mins.

Various dates through 2012Brautigan Book Club, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Experiment: Create an extraordinary space, physical and virtual, where ordinary people discover extraordinary things about themselves and the world.

Working with and for other artists

September 2014  – TIMESHARE. Performance as Lucy Pawlak, in Lucy’s performance piece which takes place between timezones and attempts to merge two spaces.

15 Feb – 21 April 2014 –  Audio recording for Hannah Rickards’ piece, LIKE SAND DISAPPEARING OR SOMETHING now showing as part of her retrospective at Modern Art Oxford

27 Mar 2013 –  Live performance for ARRIVING WITHOUT LEAVING (GUARANTEED HAPPY ENDING) for Lucy Pawlak and The Institute of Immaterialism. Toronto and Fogo Island.


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