Choice is Voice

The above is a recording of the original text, Little Beasts, written in 2007.  Tonight, I made three pieces out of the above. The first (A) is what I ran through Google translate (English to Malay). It has been edited to make it pleasing to me. The sense has changed, and I have embraced the... Continue Reading →

At the Party

Some rushed notes on the show, in no real order: Coming out of the first half of the show at the Almeida, I wasn't exactly sure why this play had been picked to be produced - Before the Party, based on a short story by Maugham - but I knew something about it intrigued me.... Continue Reading →

On Making Good Work With Hard Work

"Those who expect that any good poet should proceed by turning out a series of masterpieces, each similar to the last, only more developed in every way, are simply ignorant of the conditions under which the poet must work, especially in our time. The poet's progress is dual. There is the gradual accumulation of experience,... Continue Reading →

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