WordPress Folly #2

Following on from WP Folly #1, this is the second installment. In no particular order: Nik Corrall, Anna Sulan Masing, Nic Nell, Charles Adrian Gillott, Mamet, Fogo Island, Sophie Herxheimer, my friendly butcher WordPress folly 2

WordPress Folly #1

What follows is a series in segments from a draft of the piece I am currently writing. It is a poetic text where the text is a machine or a process. Perhaps you could say that it is in action. With each post, I'll mention and thanks the various people, pieces, ideas that have inspired... Continue Reading →

Ripped Jeans

You stretch me and I think stitches Knees open to the wind and threadbare A soft curling at the shoulders A sweet spotlick Gum's for saliva threadcount sheets Lay tracks Mines Train tunnel sex (c) Vera Chok 2014

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