A small daytime dream 

A writing exercise from today. I had fun revisiting this task - remembering sensations, the things that are important to me now and how they may or may not transpose into the future. Not so much material things but sensations and beauty and the joy of curiosity. But material things as well. Things and people... Continue Reading →

Post event report

I'm tired a LOT. Thank you to those who come towards me, who find me in my space. I am, as usual, typing this on my phone while stuck in bed. Last night I didn't talk about my mental health last night and I regret it. I didn't feel like reading my essay from The... Continue Reading →

I don’t see race – who sees what and who cares?

I'm curating a panel discussion at Housmans: I don't see race - An informal discussion around skin colour politics, (in)visibility and the intersection between race and gender. Included is a brief reading from The Good Immigrant. Details HERE. Some notes below for the (sold out) event at Housmans Radical Bookshop this evening: Thank you for being in the... Continue Reading →

Things that help me

Was asked recently what helps with my depression. Listing them helps me remember. These below are mostly quick pick me ups. I'll be adding detail to this list.  1. The right breakfast. It's taken decades for me to find the right kind of brekkie to have in the UK. Given how difficult it often is... Continue Reading →

People together in space 

It's something I notice - how people who are meant to be "together" move about in space. If one stalks ahead without caring where the other(s) are. Walking through doors without holding it open for thre person right behind them. Crossing a road without indicating to the group that that's the route. The "I'm on... Continue Reading →

Visibility and invisibility

Following on from The Good Immigrant - Off The Page at Tara Arts, I'm curating a further panel discussion inspired by The Good Immigrant, this time at Housmans Radical Bookshop. While the panel at Tara looked at the idea of "immigrants" and the overlap (or not) with "people of colour", this session will focus on skin... Continue Reading →


Wheels I snuck into a room I wasn’t meant to use. He turned around and we talked about swimming. Bodies in water, wriggling about. He told me 'bout wild days and nights at posh school. He sold soft drugs wearing fine wool. This neat Italian man. Do you want to? he asked from under his... Continue Reading →

Obviously – A study.

A writing experiment in preparation for a longer piece - In 1996, aged too-old-to-be-a-virgin (says who?), I slept with Pandrew “surely you’re old enough” Bobertson in my creaking metal-frame, single bed in the Florey Building, down St Clements. The Florey is an architectural marvel. An “iconic” building designed by James Stirling clad in red tiles... Continue Reading →

Recent important reads

On white woman as a violent presence: https://www.buzzfeed.com/aishamirza/until-white-women-ruined-it?s=webapp&utm_term=.pudpbZ3ar#.ejl360VKL On survival: https://twitter.com/nototally/status/867612720165568512 A book for me to read asap to help me survive: http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/why-im-no-longer-talking-to-white-people-about-race-9781408870570/ Something recommended to me: https://robindiangelo.com/publications/ Another book I am so looking forward to in terms of giving me hope and stretching my heart and mind: https://unbound.com/books/rife/shed

Media machine

Those distressed by the media machine, I'd love to hear from you. Where do you read your news and how you stay informed and sane? Folks might be interested in Positive News, and Byline Festival  for independent journalism and freedom of speech. I also hear there is an app which tells you where on the... Continue Reading →

Skin 23 May 17

How do I feel about a man yelling "Ni hao!" to me at the top of his lungs? Not good. He was travelling too fast for me to react. This happened 4 mins away from my front door in Peckham/Camberwell. Peckham is "diverse" (horrible word). Camberwell is arty and chi-chi. Should I have yelled something... Continue Reading →

Chok Day

Dear everyone, thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm resting up after a few intense weeks of doing a show, handing in an MA assignment, being mega under pressure with some big life changes. ALL GOOD but very exhausting. Please note that there is no birthday bash that no one's been invited to! Health still a... Continue Reading →

Media depictions of asians and woc

This is a draft of a piece I sent in to The Guardian when they asked me to comment on the nanny incident. This is what got published. "In a world noisy with news of terrible atrocities, why are arguments about assuming an asian woman is the nanny and not the wife, worth our time?... Continue Reading →

Day 2 Machynnleth Fest

It really is pleasant. Manageable in size. Ok for those who worry about crowds, busy-ness, lack of toilets, etc.! Shows watched  Cat James' solo theatre piece with dance Worse Things Happen. This is the reason I travelled to the festival. Cat is a beautiful, intelligent, generous, brave, and skilled performer and maker. This is a... Continue Reading →

Day 1 Machynlleth Fest

Food poisoning + Post workout body pain trauma + B&B without a bath + lack of sleep  for over a week + drained from making work, battling the establishment, fighting for inclusion, cycling two hours a day, excitement and anxiety of reuniting with old pals. Watched Grainne Maguire and Phil Wang testing new stuff* then... Continue Reading →

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