Listen: My band’s first single!

Artwork by stephenmcaines I like this song. It makes me happy. My band made it with lots and lots of laughter and japery.  Have a listen. If you like it, you can download it from OUR BANDCAMP PAGE, paying what you can. We play this, and some other songs we love equally, this evening at the closing... Continue Reading →

Things I wrote this Week

Two pieces based on Bram Stoker's Dracula, written as exercises for the Writing MA I'm doing. They are not consecutive. Have fun! The dark library. Enter Von Helsing, checking behind him.  He goes to the fireplace to gather himself. The dying embers are glow weakly. Yes, yes.  Unnoticed, Mina is curled up in the wing-backed... Continue Reading →

A Parking Lot. Concrete.

This is something I wrote for class. The assignment was to translate Wang Wei's poem, Deer Park. Some versions here. It's the most translated Chinese poem, apparently. A Parking Lot. Concrete. A vacant outcrop Still, air reels and swoops Celebrity flashes!             Crowcall clatter             Brain... Continue Reading →


Metamorphosis - first draft of an exercise in adaptation for class. The task was to write a five page piece based on either Kafka's Metamorphosis or Hemingway's The Capital of the World. *** Notes to self Vienna in 1914 - an article Vienna in 1913 - interesting background info. Also inspired by 1848, a recent production of a... Continue Reading →


The Anti-Valentine Festival (Thursdays, Feb 13, 20, 27th at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club) is fast approaching and I am whipping up as much love as possible in the run up. Was talking to some artists at a Stacy Makishi workshop recently, and the exercise was to discuss our least favourite month. I think that, with the... Continue Reading →

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