East Asians as Other

These are my notes/my first draft for the provocation for the Devoted and Disgruntled satellite event earlier this autumn. What ended up being sent out was much shorter, of course, because we didn't want to be too specific about what we should talk about. Reports/notes from the actual discussions during the event can be found... Continue Reading →

Whitewashing at The Print Room?

The statement issued by the Print Room explaining that their new play is English and therefore needs a white cast is a PR car crash. The play in question is set in historical China and has characters with Chinese-sounding names (we're not sure about a couple of possibly made-up Chinesey names*.) To cheer ourselves up... Continue Reading →

#fiveminutepoem Nov 25

I have 9 minutes enough surely there won't be a filmic meeting on a train platform in the winter sunshine surely not What is the job of pepper on the tongue in the eye There is something about this place that could be something And lo an artist strolls in tattooed casual And a boy... Continue Reading →

#fiveminutepoem Nov 22

It didn't have to be baby blue They don't have to gambol in the sun What's that nailed to the tree What's this freshly dug grave Walk where you haven't before Bag it bin it, dear hot bun (you ARE!) Mine Trees grow and flags fly however the fuck they want. Oo! Existential. Anthropomorphic. Flawed... Continue Reading →

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