On sex positivity

Here is something short I wrote when someone asked me what I meant by sex positivity: "I take sex positivity to mean being positive about sex - losing the shame surrounding it, talking about it, normalising it. So the way I practice this is that I try to be more open about it and move... Continue Reading →

Thank you. Onwards.

If anyone wants some info on what happened at and after The Print Room protest tonight, check out my twitter feed for pics, soundtrack, videos, one PERFECT response to artistic director Anda's letter, lots of positive messages of solidarity and support from many people.  Despite some audience member states displaying HORRIBLE behaviour (shouting, spitting, swearing... Continue Reading →

On Yellow Bodies in Media

In the last two weeks I've watched a fair few films and they've been across genres. Pretty much in all of them the East Asian character has been the stooge. Their yellow body exists on screen to receive insults and be held against the norm. Some of these films were feminist, socially aware, "liberal" and... Continue Reading →

More thoughts on The Print Room

(My initial blog post was written on Dec 20: Whitewashing at The Print Room.) The Print Room in London, UK, is persisting with their position of being artistically justified in casting an all-white cast in a play set in Ancient China. They cite this article as their explaining position. They have also made their official... Continue Reading →

On seeing

31 Dec 2016 - Notes written at the boarding gate at Doha Airport: Qatar airlines messed up majorly and I spent the night in a strangely scary hotel. I don't think Doha is unique even compared to UK or Western countries, but the way men move in groups and treat women was a reminder/shock. Each... Continue Reading →

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