Mental health & Me

Because I, like many others, suffer from mental health conditions (I suffer from depression and anxiety), it really matters to me how we talk about mental health. I use, but am trying not to use, words like mad, insane, nuts, crazy, bonkers, depressed, OCD etc. unthinkingly. This thread on Twitter reminded me this evening how language... Continue Reading →


The book, The Good Immigrant, launches in Sept and they're making a mix tape etc for publicity. Anyway,it got me thinking about music from Malaysia and I googled Zainal Abidin. Google led me to this song.  Listening to it tonight I remember listening to it on a tape, over and over again as a teenager.... Continue Reading →

On Power & Beauty

Taught a class this morning. 90 mins to share the immense amount of truth, beauty, and wisdom I've learned from amazing teachers who have changed my life. Why talk about power? The participants in the class are on a two week workshop exploring acting as a profession. None have had formal training yet. Many talked... Continue Reading →

Yellow Diaries #2

This week I've been working with various writers and makers on several projects. Here's some incidents and thoughts: - I was with some excellent, kind, creative, liberal, educated, beautiful makers. But one equated being tall with being a person of colour. Now don't explode. I really did understand their example and our profession is one... Continue Reading →

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