The girl with the heart of glass

The girl with the heart of glass She walked past the man from a land she could only guess at. What were its customs? What language did he grow up hearing? He sang La Bamba, on his bum, filling the station's mouth with music. Perhaps no one listened. The pack of teen boys last night,... Continue Reading →


His care will last as long as milk in a too-cold fridge The distance to feel spans lakes seas The landscape of knees of all of the people of all our worlds Is too much

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  Picture by artist and poet Sophie Herxheimer. Her work is beautiful, as is she. I was nominated by the inspiring Pat Wheele of the blog, In My Wheele House. You should definitely have a look at it. It's "A blog about the sometimes disastrous, sometimes fantastic, results of D.I.Y. furniture restoration, decorating, and interior... Continue Reading →

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