This is my brain on dogs

So I just had a look at a pile of feedback from peers I got via a Bryony Kimmings workshop few years ago. As I work towards my new show, kind my first full length theatre show, this feedback from amazing artists is reminding me of what I have to offer and how I can be of service. Am posting it here as a reminder to self.
Bryony Kimmings Chisenhale Workshop
What did you feel?
Happy, excited, admiration
You’d be great on a night out
Empathy re. Letter
Confusion, nostalgia, sadness
Excisted, intrigued, wanted more of your craziness
Laughter, intrigued – what was really going on. This woman! Does she KNOW?
Happy, uncertainty
Happy but needed to know context – wanted to know more about cultures and home
Excitement, amusement, some grossed-outness
Amazement, kind-of-fear, softness, humour, pathos
Three things you liked?
Smile then sudden turn to aggression
My essay read in character
Cultural shift in music
Mood shift juxtaposition
Usage of school work
Circle of lights
Suggestiveness of the paper signs in front (labels?)
Third person intro “Vera Chok was”
Crazy mental dancing
Dancing and losing it during the dancing
Commitment to dancing
The last story
Dancing – symbolic of you slowing down and needing something else
Notebook and showing audience
Dancing – nice bra, big crushing
Mania in the dancing face and persona
Final essay
Dancing and commitment to it, Tension between the task and endurance
Sudden change in tone – from manic dancing to letters
The dancing, bra strap pop off, the letter
You fav bit:
Letter to my dad – an Oh! Moment
Reading of the essay
Crazy mental dancing
The last story
Dancing relentless and then the slowing down – showing maybe need to dance a different dance?
Dancing and essay
Intro really high impact and great
The dancing

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