Lenny Henry & Media Diversity

Lenny Henry is doing incredible work to champion diversity in media, on- and off-screen. Extrapolate the logic and it's not just about race, folks, but about our culture as a whole. Who are the gatekeepers, what realities and narratives get produced then reproduced, and how does this influence how we interact with anyone Other in... Continue Reading →

For Sarah

Once upon a time, a hummingbird witnessed her mate being sewn into the folds of a gown for the grand ruler of the time. He was to wear it on Wednesdays. The seamstress' stubby but swift fingers rearticulated the bird's warm body and threaded silk along his edges, lacing him up and against and over... Continue Reading →

Romance, or, After William Maxwell

I┬áhave been writing a few little stories that begin, "Once upon a time," or, "There was once a man who." I suppose you could call these pieces of flash fiction. I've been thinking about William Maxwell and his series of little stories he wrote, what he calls his improvisations.In the preface to his collected short... Continue Reading →

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