Alien Sex Club

Can art and architecture be used to reduce rates of HIV transmission? Have a look at this inredible project by John Walter which I support: As a transdisciplinary project, Alien Sex Club will be game-changing for art, science and architecture, inventing new hybrid strategies that can potentially enable art to reclaim its potency as... Continue Reading →


Completing the first draft of a new play and I've created a character called Catgirl. The description, Youth. Catgirl lives on a ladder, is illuminated by the moon, and reads the opening strains of Beegu. I am writing in a partner, Owlboy, who sits at the edge of the world and witnesses Catgirl's exit. I... Continue Reading →

Dr Who

I had HUGE fun playing a comedy character who is constantly on the run or looking gormless and confused. I always love working with Tony. Shot very quickly and on a micro budget, I am so pleased to be a part of LUCKY 13. Written and directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo, a new Dr Who... Continue Reading →

Six – draft

So it seems as if I have started drafting a new series, using tiny details of a body as jumping off points. I have been hankering after something new to set me writing outside of the MA and had been planning something basic to give me a kickstart, like, going to a gallery. The tiniest... Continue Reading →

Love Notes

Just found this lurking in my drafts. Slightly, but never too late for a bit of love x Thank you to everyone who made the Anti-Valentine (Big on Love) Festival possible: venue, acts, guests, supporters, near and far. We missed you if you couldn't make it and loved everyone who came along to share their... Continue Reading →

Draft of a seashell

This was written this evening. Inspired by a phrase and a conversation and walking through Kennington in the sunshine. I didn't check on the little plants beneath the tall trees along Kennington Road but in my heart, they grow there. Dedicated to Ed Venning, Victor Lou, William Maxwell, and always Gloria Sanders. I am not... Continue Reading →

Women in black. I sacrificed a really nice lipstick to do this. I owe much to my time with live artists for this idea. Backstage. I had changed into a "Asiatic lady" for the final round. Alas, I have lost the poem I wrote for that. But it was... bad. Here's Isabelle and me with... Continue Reading →

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