These Twelve Things Are True #3

1. I have made mistakes and I'll continue to make mistakes 2. Some accents or voices produce in me the desire to punch the speaker in the face. 3. When standing at the top of escalators, near train platform edges, or on sidewalks, death and injury seem curious in an objective sort of way. 4.... Continue Reading →

These Twelve Things Are True #2

      Inspired by and dedicated to Lucy Pawlak 1. Social media is blue 2. My lipstick* feels wrong. *named Manhunt 3. A man sits. His t-shirt reads: Loyalty Above All Else Except Honour 4. If you turn up your jeans once, surely this invites trouble. 5. I wish I had a Game Boy.... Continue Reading →

These Twelve Things Are True

        Inspired by, and dedicated to, Lucy Pawlak. 1. I know about CCTV cameras. I don't know about hair replacement therapy. 2. Tonight, I met a person called Joy. What must that be like? 3. I get loud, swear, then run away when I'm scared. Bravado sucks ass badly. 4. Her new... Continue Reading →

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