Social change

"But I don't campaign for social change". But obviously, I do, and my strategy has always been to focus on peer-to-peer change, but I see that as I have never institutionalised or labelled my work (nor my art/what I make) it's harder for people to listen to me. I shall think more about this. A... Continue Reading →

These Twelve Things Are True #5

1. Once it's gone, it's gone. Or it's been borrowed. I miss my Kindle very much. 2. There is a giant pot of something on the stove. I worry it's too much. It doesn't actually matter. It'll disitengrate somewhere. 3. My teeth haven't been look at for a long time. 4. A┬áman thinks that a... Continue Reading →

These Twelve Things Are True #4

1. The taste of curly wurly cakes remind me of Tom Stoppard and Ottolenghi ones of Chimerica. 2. I am more than ten years older than the youngest person in the room and I do not like the idea of his body. 3. I look critical until I'm laughing. Or swearing. 4. The view from... Continue Reading →

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