Day 7.5

So this is what I was thinking of as I was drifting off last night. On invisibility, if your audience persists in not seeing you, the choice is this: make them see you or leave them alone. I've written about the invisibility of yellow folk in the UK, on how the violence against us is... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – Precious

I didn't write anything last night and I'm just about getting this in. The launch is later this week. I've been burrowing into acting* work and enjoying that as much as possible, despite aching fatigue. So pleased to have spent this evening in class laughing and mustn't worry about not having the energy to speak... Continue Reading →

Day 5

Walked through a not very bright park with a pal and three men sat about called out, "Hello, ladies!" Why? That's a rhetorical question. Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted that he liked Riz's piece and that he wants to read the book. Darren and Nikesh were on BBC Asian. It was really good talking to Darren the... Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Beetling 

This'll be brief as I'm feeling wobbly.  Beatles documentary - their friendship and the feeling of fitting in or self-acceptance and self-confidence they seemed to inspire in people was lovely. I watched them being interviewed and being free and loose at the start of their tours, which changed as they "grew up". Reminded of how... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – White Spaces

Today a black woman spoke  quietly and in friendly way to me in what I would consider a rather white space - the changing room of a posh-ish workout space in Canary Wharf. Later that morning, in the same space, another smiled surreptitiously goodbye to me as she left the room. My first thought was, Who... Continue Reading →

Diary of a Good Immigrant

I've been meaning to blog more and it feels as though now is an extraordinary time for me, for the world around me. So let's go. Note form, Chok-style, as always. 1. Reasons to be cheerful: The Good Immigrant seems to be getting some fantastic attention. Next week is the official launch. What will "the... Continue Reading →

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