Spare Tire in Mayfair


For Greg McLaren, 19 April 2012

To be read out loud. 


“It depends on your emotional level of buy-in”.


I am being a being in Mayfair.

A bean in Mayfair wouldn’t grow very far:

Trees only require

point six five

meters of  underground freedom.

The report is on your desk.


Men smoke and shout in the stairwell.

Men by me are managed and manhandled.

The ex-billionaire jokes about junks,

and I think about sex with a suit.


Run through the rain in Mayfair.

Have holes in your shoes in Mayfair.

Eat sweet macaroons in Mayfair

and dream about diamonds in Mayfair.



The ROI and IRR are sounds I might believe in,

Not so much a buy-out as a humanistic tie-in.


Copyright Vera Chok 2012








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