My Body is a Wind Sock



Stacy Makishi, Spirituality and Creativity week 2, Live Art Development Agency, DIY9

We were asked to respond to one of the following provocations: sacred vs profane, natural vs supernatural, natural vs supermarket. 

I was immediately drawn to the third. There’s something about supermarkets I both love and hate. 

(Word association list: shiny, air-conditioned, controlled, easy, order, formula, control, convenient, stifling, crowded, idiots, plebian, too easy, false, fakery, deceit, on display, the world in miniature, accessible, queues, the ring a ding ding of tills, the hellos, the trolley rage, wonky wheels)

I thought about Pulp’s Common People video. We had been dancing to that during Tonseisha rehearsals. I thought of the “prematurely air-conditioned” space in Einstein on the Beach. What does supermarket represent or evoke? Today, plastic bags, trolleys, air conditioning, meat and fresh foods in squeaky plastic stretched taut over styrofoam. Unripe fruit and veg, waxed and ready to go.
(When I started ordering fruit boxes and planting my own food, I appreciated the manicuring of foods more. Mud gets everywhere. Roots cling to mud. Bugs hide and cling to food. It’s just what they do. Sometimes they really are quite large bugs and snails, too.)

I have been thinking about laughing more.
Real, unrestrained, natural laughter. Letting your entire body, your soles to your crown, act as a conduit to the air. Your body as a wind sock, filled and shaking with real laughter. Where your face isn’t listening to society. Free, free, freedom we don’t often remember to give ourselves.

I have been thinking about Friends and S Club 7.

So today, what happened is this. S Club 7’s song REACH was piped through the PA system at the Unity Church (a wonderful place run by wonderful atheist Andy). I made it so that it ran the full 3 mins we were allowed, so I started 1 minute in. My response to something I’d seen and was interested by in the group last week was expressed via what I wore and how I wore it. Anyhow, I danced about to the tune in the way I knew I would. I was happy. It couldn’t be helped. I wanted to see if I could ride it moment to moment, for 180 seconds, respondig as naturally as possible. The song took over. Some recognised the song. Some laughed at what I was doing – being a complete doofus on stage. I had heaps of fun, waiting to see what I wanted to do, and then doing it. There were a few moments of hesitation. I nearly burst into tears towards the end, mainly (I think) because I was so happy and so inarticulate and so with and separate to everyone at the same time. I can tell you this much, it was just wonderful meeting genuine, open faces, one after another. Even more incredible than that was to watch faces open up fully and simply. 

Thinking doesn’t always open the world up. It’s something about feelings, the imagination of our souls, the landscapes of emotion blah blah blah. That’s the kind of vast, immeasurable, potent, poetic, magical space I am talking about and that’s where I want to play.

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