Word of the day. Or rather, the word I fell asleep thinking about. I was also thinking about the people who make the effort, overcoming our inate inertia,  to move towards people and things which interest them. I used to box and while I could throw a mean punch, I suffered from heavy legs.


In real life, I want to overcome lazy leg syndrome. [Actually, in real life I am exercising being mindful to stay in my own shoes, slowing down enough to feel the ground beneath me. I remember running in the field in primary school and pedalling so fast both feet left the ground and the top half of my body tilted forward and over. I really must fish out my bicycle and ride it!]

Jonathan Swain, artist. He moves well towards people and things, and I am looking forward to seeing him on Saturday.

Is life as simple as

1. See something you’re interested in

2. Move towards it?

There’s an awful lot of shuffling items around on to-do lists, and my priorities change, for sure. Time and energy is limited and distractions manifold. I  am using something that works well for me – drawing a chart of the people (and projects) in my life and then isolating the ones I really want to spend myself on. This helps me stop beating myself up about, well, everything and everyone else.

I am quietly excited about this new laser beam of love and interest that I am playing with.


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