Books I Want To Read. A New Chapter.


smc was carrying this today. I read the first page and liked it. Must buy.

DVG posted this interview in Believer with Joan Didion. It hit me like nothing else has for a while. Wriggled a tiny finger between my ribs.

A good list:
“Places to go:
Dark or difficult places

Truth to me:
“If we do not respect ourselves, we are on the one hand forced to despise those who have so few resources as to consort with us, so little perception as to remain blind to our fatal weaknesses. On the other, we are peculiarly in thrall to everyone we see, curiously determined to live out—since our self-image is untenable—their false notions of us… We play roles doomed to failure before they are begun, each defeat generating fresh despair at the urgency of divining and meeting the next demand made upon us.” – On Self Respect, Joan Didion

The full article:

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