Clowning About in Cardiff

Huge thanks to Carolina Vasquez who filmed the evening. Look at her pretty damn exciting work here: Carolina Vasquez

This is documentary evidence of my first ever cabaret act/experiment, looking at song, dance, & clowning, with a little help from my friend, Charles Adrian.Thanks to George Fuller and the Mary Bijou Cabaret Club for giving me the opportunity and to Cat James who encouraged me.

I very much drew on what I learnt at Stacy Makishi’s DIY9 series of making performances with a clear, simple starting point. I felt no fear using the process of beginning somewhere and trusting myself to see where it led.

There was a second piece which did not end up documented, but the structure was completely different and worked well.

I mean, these acts seem simple and of course appear and are received as entertainment. I am not going to insist on them being hailed as art, but I do believe that they are very much part of my body of work and an active investigation into performance as a whole.

I am paticularly interested, as you know, in staging joyousness – the complexities of – and how it can be constructed with an aim to engender joy off-stage.


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