Space. The air-filled landscapes alluded to by synthesizers. The alien planets of electronic music. Neon, artifice, shoulder pads and hairspray. Right wing superpowers, strikes & strife.

The effect of theatre (or art): “I think I might be about this.” – Andrew Haydon

How much of myself do I want to share? And with whom?

I was always naked when you called

Birds of flesh and steel fall out of the sky and sons drop dead

A bad play about 9/11 helps realign my perspective to the horizon

What’s our relationship to distance? How is that measurable but more so, is it worth spending time thinking about it?

In Watchmen, Nostalgia is a brand of evil perfume, apparently.

It shouldn’t have worked but it did.

A cause for celebration or not? How important is repeatability?

What’s important? Not as much as I think.

How much freedom do I have? Much more than I think.


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