Don’t Let the Poems Bug You

Things revealed last night at Chris McCabe’s Collaborations class that I rather like.

We were looking at the relationship between text and visual art.



George Szirtes. The title, “In tall angular letters” made me think of Adrian Riley / @electric_angel‘s work

This is the standalone, prize-winning poem. In the original, collaborative collection, the intro had pharses which caught my eye: “poem-journeys [are a] growth around the book”. The book in this case is Auto da Fe, which artist Ronald King invited Szirtes to write in response to. This reminded me of my twitter poems and the drawings by Elena Mauri, Tonseisha, and of course, the Brautigan Book Club.


Screenprint from Robert Creeley and RB Kitaj, A Sight. Note the text in this:

“Come back, breasts.

Come. Back.”

It so happens that this is something I wrote for this week:

I don’t know what I’m waiting for.

The bus to come, the ice to melt,

The tide to turn, my heart to heal.

Heel, Rover, Buster, Timmy! Runaway dogs.

Lemonade dogs. Days of sunshine dogs.

Come back. Ridgeback.

Your back.

You’re a mountain.

Here. Now. 

A prophet. A hill of beans.

– March 2013

Sophie showed me one of her screenprinted posters and it was of a head on a mountain.

I love this, by Robert Creeley:


Other things we looked at:

A Humument by Tom Philips; comics and doodling via Kenneth Koch:


Coincidentally again, I had also written about doodling for this week:


Antigone by Anne Carson and Bianca Stone; Ian Hamilton Finlay’s sundial collaboration with John R Thorpe, which again reminded me of Adrian Riley, see below:


I particularly like these wold benches which is a Riley project:


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