_DSC0306[143]r (American Kestrel)

A ten-minute scribble as an exercise for class. Dedicated to the class, Gloria Sanders, Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Ben, Kate Godfrey, Tim Atkins, Karl Haynes, and the World Of Extreme Happiness.

It is hard to let air soften my insides

hanging loose

hair a useless shield

  against what?

             Nothing in particular. Really, Sally.

Fields and air and sea and sky

not here right now

right now

now hear

a kestrel!

Not a child?

A kestrel!


There is something something something

that makes you think you are made of light.


 (c) 1 October 2013

One thought on “Scribblings

  1. I just learnt, from wonderful writer, performer and friend, Gloria Sanders, that ‘to sally forth’ is to go forward with energy and hope… set out in a sudden, energetic or violent manner #Ilovemyfriends

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