Make Me Care


I’m not entirely sure that this is the place to be posting scribblings on, but hey. This is another writing exercise for my MA. Sorry, I keep writing and saying “MA” because I can’t quite believe I am doing one. ME. The person with the massively reduced attention span. The last time I read anything academic or wrote and essay, you were all probably babies. Ahem. Ok. Enough. For anyone interested, Wallace Sacks can be found here.

Who would buy a white waffle duvet? White sheets are not the most practical, are they? It was on offer from Wallace Sacks, you know, that online linen store where everything is permanently on a massive discount. I couldn’t resist. I get their email bulletins and even if I don’t read it, I know that these products are out there, in rooms lit by gentle sunshine. I love the weight of a high thread count, the cool smoothness of new sheets against skin, and the fantasy of climbing into a beautifully made, white, hotel bed. Hotels welcome the anonymous traveller. By now, you’d think I’d washed away the memory of all my loves off my sheets. I adjust it around me and drink tea.

The goal of the exercise was to make the reader connect with the everyday object chosen.

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