Natalie Clarke @ Anti-Valentine 20th Feb. Big on Love.


Each artist featuring at the Anti-Valentine Festival I’m organising in Feb gets a feature page!

Today, we have Natalie Clarke, who I love and adore.  The festival spans three dates with three different line ups which include performance, music, film, spoken word and uncategorisable art fun ala my usual evenings (if you remember Samantha’s Sunday Night Supper Clubs and the Brautigan Book Clubs, this will be similar).

I met Natalie via the amazing performance artist, Stacy Makishi and in turn, Natalie put me in touch with the super Bryony Kimmings! I love Natalie’s spirit and smarts.

This is what she’ll be making for us for Thursday, 7.30pm, Feb 20th. Full details of the festival here and you can buy tickets here.

Follow her on twitter and listen to her on Charles Adrian’s podcast, Page One – Second Hand Book Factory, talking books and therapy. REALLY charming episode.


is a performance maker and Live Artist who is particularly interested in subjectivity and dancing the line of the ‘over-share’.

For the last three years I have been working as part of performance duo tattenbaum-deluca (“stand-up storytellers” – Ed.) who make shows that are deliberately lo-fi, anti-theatrical and conversational in tone. We like building relationships, sharing re-collections and spinning a good yarn. We have told our stories in theatres, caravans, community halls, beaches and on the side of the road.

tatty-del are currently on hiatus and so I am making solo performance work for the first time.


I want to explore relationships that encompass and contain competition, rivalry, success, winning. I want to win. I pride myself on never knowingly underachieving. And who better to who help me work this out than my age-old competitor, my little brother. Four years younger, a whole head taller, classically trained and with a much better singing voice. I’m the straight-A student though, with a First. (From art school, but still). He’s never been much of one for reading.

But we both like being on stage. We both love to play the clown.

My brother dreams of joining the RSC. I dream of being the bastard love-child of Marina Ahbramovic and every member of Forced Entertainment. You can see why we still can’t play a game of Junior Pictionary without tears.

We want to explore sibling relationships and the tension between his passion for acting and mine for performance. We want to compete for the spotlight and prove, for once and for all, who’s right about what artform.

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