Anna Sulan Masing @Anti-Valentine 13th & 20th Feb. Big on Love.

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Excited to have Anna Sulan Masing perform some naughty* poems for us on the 13th and 20th. I like Anna’s work mainly because it is informed by so much. It’s impossible for me to describe but the breadth of her interests and the amount of things she’s studied and is adept at is pretty neat.

I met Anna about seven years ago, before she started her Phd., as she was forming behind the bikeshed, a rather fun collective, and she has made a lot happen since! I went to the jungles of Borneo with her, and she produced The Death of Tintagel, saltpeter’s first theatrical production. We’ve partied in Berlin and drunk prosecco in Angel, but we’ve also done some good solid, thinking, talking and making, with extraordinary artists and makers.

Have a look at some of her pieces here. I particularly like the video of her showing of Tattoo

Full details of the festival here and you can buy tickets here.

*Her word! I wonder if she means filthy or funny or both. Ooof!


Art around the idea of theatre. Space, location, identity. I like talking about food and writing about washing. I find rhyming words very satisfying.


Photo by Katherine Leedale. Taken at Samantha’s SEDUCTIVE Sunday Night Supper Club at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

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