Bernadette Russell treats @Anti-Valentine Fest. Big on Love.


BREAKING NEWS! Bernadette Russell aka FANNY PECULIAR is making some lovely surprises for us. We’ll also be screening her short film, SPELL. Sadly, she’s on tour NOW and so can’t be with us in the flesh but we’ve got some of her goodies in store. HURRAH! Full details of the festival here and you can buy tickets here.

Breaking news! Photos from FANNY’S HEADQUARTERS!!!! She’s made us some sweets with spiders’ legs, human hair and  other delights! These charms are called Glamours and “are proper spells”. OOER! We’ve FOUR to give away to our favourite Anti-Valentiners at our closing event on the 27th! Come on down!

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Do look up her amazing project 366 Days of Kindness. Catch the story of what the project’s all about and what it means for the rest of us if you’re anywhere nearby. Bernadette also runs White Rabbit with the exceedingly marvelous Gareth Brierley. Their live literature night, Are You Sitting Comfortably? is a gorgeous evening which Adrian, Toria and I have had the privilege of writing for.

“the novelty of being read to, sat in a basement in the middle of the night with a midnight feast of children’s party food, is irresistible…an enchanted night. ****” – Total Theatre


Bernadette Russell found a book on Witchcraft in a second hand bookshop in
Wigtown in August of this year and has trained herself to be a witch. It
was suprisingingly easy, although some of the necessary ingredient were
difficult to obtain. Her witch name is Fanny Peculiar, and so far all her
spells have worked. She is delighted to be part of the Anti Valentine
Festival being a big fan of Vera Chok and Samantha Mann for many a year.
Although she can’t appear in person as she’s attending a Sabbat in Milton
Keynes, she has contributed a few love charms to be used as you wish, as
prizes for something or other.

Bernadette Russell AKA Fanny Peculiar
BBC Radio 4 interview:

“fantastic alternative fun” Time Out
“storytelling made supremely sexy”  ****Latest 7
“an enchanted night” **** Total Theatre
“a stupidly terrific masterpiece” **** Three Weeks
“winning entertainment” Time Out Critics Choice ****
“flippant musical comedy bawdiness” ****Erotic Review

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