Nick Field @ Anti-Valentine Fest, Feb 20th. Big on Love.

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NICK! NICK FIELD! Nick is now a neighbour, making my move further into south London much sweeter and more exciting. Not only is Nick is someone whose work intrigues and excites me, but his support, generosity and openness amplifies how much I already think of him as an artist.

I met Nick at the Stacy Makishi workshop I attended, discovering at the same time, the wondrous Natalie Clarke and Allan Taylor and many other artists I love and admire (Daniella Valz-Gen is a magical artist. Check out her work and her upcoming event, Squaring the Circle). I very much like Nick’s pop sensibility, the music he makes, and the gentle but searing touch he seems to have.

I am SO happy that Nick has joined the artist-tastic line-up on Feb 20th, the second of the three Anti-Valentine events. Full details of the festival here and you can buy tickets here.


Writer and performer Nick Field fuses theatre with a poetic twist to create evocative, bittersweet and richly lyrical performances. Warm and funny, but sharply incisive, he has taken his work to major events, venues and festivals. His debut solo show The Cosmos, The Cosmetics has toured internationally and his second Adventure/Misadventure had played at Ovalhouse in 2013, where he was also Artistic Associate.

‘Nick Field creates theatre that is unique, unexpected, and absolutely engrossing’,
What’s Peen Seen?

‘Nick is a passionate, and flexible performer, with a tale to tell and admirable vulnerability.’ Gscene

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