WordPress Folly #1

What follows is a series in segments from a draft of the piece I am currently writing. It is a poetic text where the text is a machine or a process. Perhaps you could say that it is in action.

With each post, I’ll mention and thanks the various people, pieces, ideas that have inspired the whole. This will not be definitive and many names will be mentioned repeatedly.

This week: Charles Adrian Gillott, Sophie Herxheimer, a couple of Tony Beaver paintings, Enda Walsh’s Ballyturk, FOF, Jeremy Tiang, Gary Merry, and Gloria Sanders.

WordPress folly 1

One thought on “WordPress Folly #1

  1. Interesting use of a blog! I’ve never seen this before. I kind of wanted music to be playing in the background at the same time or maybe the soft patter of tap dancing feet. Then again, the silence and the white space helped me concentrate on your text. I enjoyed the mini journey inside your head. Thanks!

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