Eel Day 2014


Dedicated to Louise Stephens, who sees the many things clearly and beautifully.

Written on en route to Ealing Broadway:

Eel jaws, eel legs
Eel maw, eels shake
Don’t you wish to do the dance?
Garden eels all in a trance
Eels are good and eels are bad
Eels in the hood –
Don’t make the mad!
The eels in town and eels at sea
They raise a toast to you and me
A WhatsApp text to say Hello
and Eely good! from down below
Some eels sometimes
They seem quite quiet
But most eels quite adore a riot
But sounds don’t travel well in water
The eels their plans are always thwarte-
Round and round the eels we go
And read their lips – they seem to say –
London ladies Chok and Stephens
Have a happy, tasty Eely Day!


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