These Twelve Things Are True #5

Toneisha - 30

1. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Or it’s been borrowed. I miss my Kindle very much.

2. There is a giant pot of something on the stove. I worry it’s too much. It doesn’t actually matter. It’ll disitengrate somewhere.

3. My teeth haven’t been look at for a long time.

4. A man thinks that a glass of bubbly or four means that sex is on the cards. God. The sexual and emotional repression on this island seems to be getting worse. Who is it who said that the young are even more conservative than before? Why is that?

5. Pity is a thing that erodes. (Rather.)

6. In the last seven days I have come to wonder about marriage and how sexual and emotional repression is bitter like bug spray.

7. If I can hear your feet, I am less likely to love you. Don’t you care about being beautiful?

8. Don’t you care about being beautiful?

9. Why lie when you know you’re not the smartest person in the room?

(It’s like dropping acid in your eye. Cough up, bleed, show us you’re not weak.)

10. Blood for bones.

11. Death is coming!

12. Beauty is at the top of my list today.

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