List of 2015 &2016 shows

Edinburgh+new+poster-page001.pngPerformance maker Greg Wohead asked his circle of friends and peers to list their top 10 “theatre/performance pieces of 2015 (or moments or memories, or non-hierarchical collections). Because most of the lists I have read by critics have been boring as hell and I want to know what got you.”

I had to go through my inbox for booking references and then my calendar, to remember what shows I’d seen. I recall starting a blog post or a list some time in 2015 but couldn’t for the life of me find it. So I am going to write about, even if briefly, each performance, moment, memory, or “non-hierarchical collection” (note to self, google this phrase asap) I encounter in 2016.

Here is my cobbled together 2015 Top 10 list, and I wonder if I’ve forgotten about shows I’ve seen and been moved by. Bear in mind I didn’t get to watch many shows, having been rehearsing and then on stage for a good few months for The Hard Problem earlier this year, and then Harlequinade, and The Winter’s Tale, the latter two about to draw to a close in two weeks. I did not get up to Edinburgh Fringe nor any other festivals in the U.K.

In no particular order, 10 shows which stood out for me as being remarkable:

– Shelter Me, by Circumference
– Miss Behave’s Game Show
– We’re Gonna Die by Young Jean Lee
– Caught, at the Arcola
– Farinelli and the King with Mark Rylance
– Gypsy with Imelda Staunton
– Barbarians by Hofesh Schecter
– Love, Death and a Rabbit by Miss Samantha Mann
– Peter Pan, Regents Park Theatre
– Fake it til you Make it by Bryony Kimmings

Socially important/historical:
– Linda
– Teddy Ferrara
– Hidden (Royal Court)
– These 12 Things Are True for Alien Sex Club (I know, I know, I made this! But I really loved it, flawed though in execution, it combined many things I love and has generated more)

Follow this link for Greg’s list





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