Films on Board


Notes on some films watched on planes to and from LA, in LA, and post LA in the light of #OscarsSoWhite. I’m sure I watched more than this. I’ll add to the list if they come back to me. Also, special mention of Shok, the Live Action Short, which was BY FAR, the best short film in that Oscars category.

Freeheld – really glad I learned a little bit about this true story which played it’s part in the process which led to gay marriage being legalised in the USA.

The Lobster – Hm. One particularly dull performance (guess who) and I wasn’t surprised. Ah, so disappointing. Impressed by Colin Firth.

Crazy New Year’s Eve – led by my interest in what China is making. Disturbed by squeaky, cutesy young Chinese women. Great conversation with Jeremy Tiang who got me thinking about the infantilization of men and women in East Asia (note, I DO NOT mean people of East Asian heritage like it is some inherent genetic trait. I mean a localised, geographical, cultural thing). Something to do with the culture of cuteness. I am going to think about this more.

Man Up – Wtf title? Liked Simon Pegg a little bit more. Like the “blue pieces” romance, but oof.

Jane the Virgin – watched an episode. Great to see non-white show. GREAT to see the telenovella form in mainstream media.

Joy – Terrible. How did they mess up that story so badly? Badly edited perhaps, or maybe just not written well in the first pace.

The Intern – I always love Anne Hathaway, no matter the quality of the movie. Top tip, watch Rachel Getting Married the DVD, ignore how terribly she was styled, and go to DVD extras for deleted scenes and commentary on how it was made. One day I want to film a movie like that.

Aloha – I know, I know. Quarter Hawaiian Emma Stone? I guess her character is made fun of for harping on about it but the quarter Chinese bit and her surname being Ng is a bit off. Also, what the heck is the “moral” supposed to be? Not that I need a moral from my movies but it felt incoherent. Also, bad editing/writing.

Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo – good conversation with Americans about the conservative attitude towards sex in the USA and the death of jokes once they’ve been on at the Apollo. The time lag between doing these gags on the circuit and then the demand to keep doing them is interesting. How to move on from old material?

There is no way in hell I’m ever going to watch Woody Allen’s movie, Irrational Man, about a philosophy professor Joaquin Phoenix, sleeping with his student, Emma Stone.

Diary of a Teenage Girl – I liked this. I know it won a bunch of awards but should have won more awards.


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