“I try again!”


Crikey! Just found a dormant blog site beautifulbitchmonsteridiot.blogspot.com which began with the blog post from 2012, pasted below. Four years later, and I’m just back from Ecole Philippe Gaulier again, and yes, it has to be said that things are changing all over again and I am very happy about it all. So here I am. “I try again!” is the game.

Lots of endings appearing which is very exciting, because this means there is space for wonderful new things, or for the existing wonderful things to deepen and grow.

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Cliche? Mais oui! I am back from Ecole Philippe Gaulier. My life has changed all over again. It has a habit of doing that. “I try again!” I say.

What I want to do:

Find somewhere to call home. Place my feet on the ground.

Stop wiping people’s asses i.e. be less helpful.”

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