Hope in Acceptance 

Are you interested in socialism, social change movements, revolutions, theatre as political and creative expression, freedom of expression, community, kindness, the future, Russia, how we can learn from the past or live in the world today? I am so very glad to know the New Factory folk, and to have been a part of their generous and amazingly created shows. Find out how members work, play, live – it makes me feel better and hopeful about life. 
When I am around people who give me space to be myself, I feel that I am able to be in the world. Rehearsing with the New Factory has given me this kind of space. I am welcomed, trusted, appreciated, left alone, respected as an individual. Given as much space as I want. Everyone is. It’s beautiful and rare. 

Looking round the room is a pleasure. There’s very little going on in the way of ego or imperialistic, heteronormative assumptions. People come and go, self-regulate, contribute what they can, get excited about the collective, believe in life and the world. I love noticing what people wear and how they react to the project or task at hand – self-expression. They seem mysterious and wonderful, different but same enough. 

Is interesting to me to visit historical events and movements. What “succeeded”? What failed? Who was affected? If the movement collapsed but people lived, loved and learned better, then I am for it. If records don’t show these precious, seismic, changes, it doesn’t matter as long as I remember that this is the stuff that I care about. 

When I worry about not making an impact, not leaving a traceable legacy, not documenting my work, having a patchy archive, I want to stop and think of the things I know I’ve done. And the positive effects I’ve had on things that I’ll never know about. When I worry about recognition and reputation, I need to remember who I’m concerned about.

I’m thinking about space. And what behaviours cut people into smaller more frightened versions of themselves. 


If you’re interested, there’s a performance of The Blue Blouse by The Factory of the Eccentric Actor — Pushkin House. Information here

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