Write a note to your gardener

A writing provocation from Gloria Sanders, 11 Jan 2014:

Dear Gardener, a note I probably won’t send, as it’s too personal.

Hello, I’m Vera. I live here now and was wondering if you’d take me on a tour of the garden. Tell me where the secret things are lying dormant, waiting for spring. Let me know what delights I might dream about and where there might be space for me to add to the family.

I am no expert but I long to plant some roots. A bulb is a miracle to me, a seed a tiny possibility for a much larger, complex universe.

I noticed the pond. Would you be able to recommend some fun water plants? What do you think about making the garden more exciting for the wildlife? Are bones really a bad idea for the compost?

I look forward to building a new, splendid garden for us all to enjoy in the summertime. I excited about having relationship with you because you’re the person who helps things grow. What a wonderful thing you must be.
Yours sincerely

Today, three years later at 00.09, 9th Feb 2017, this makes me think of Bernadette Russell and hope.

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