Today I get to meet some of the young people (17-21) who will have some ideas about creating film content for a poem I’ve written. Part of The Last Word Festival, I’m really excited to have the chance to see how my work and process is handled! I hope that there will be some positive manhandling. Creative, generative dialogues are at the centre of my practice. 

The theme the poets have been given is “truth”. I’ve written something especially non-linear, bearing in mind that the text will go through a further few creative processes. I’ve been extra mindful of space and I’d like my text to be treated like fabric, (something I learned from dealing with German playwright Heiner Mullet’s writing). I want what I’ve written to be a provocation, a jumping off point for someone else’s point of view. Kinda. What’s their truth? What do my certainties or questions throw up for others? Does anyone have answers and are they immutable? 

I’ll report back. In the meantime, look up The Last Word Fest at The Roundhouse. Lots of great events and I’ll be performing some of my own stuff on June 7th alongside the dreamy writers Musa Okwonga and Salena Godden.

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