Grace met Trevor Wishart – I wish I could experience your art – in a library he didn’t know he could use when he was a baby student. What a delightful man. Brightness shines the way for others.

Hi, this is her husband. I’m very sorry to say that Camille passed away in June. Diagnosed with cancer after her second baby was born, she’d taught Grace a thing or two about being tough.

Jon didn’t like Grace having a boyfriend. So he did the thing he had promised, a couple of times, not to do. 

Grace made some effort to remember how unsympathetic she had been when she hadn’t yet had her heart broken. She applies this knowledge when navigating those who just don’t get it. It’s not me, it’s them. She wonders if she wants people to understand, because that involves them feeling some pain somewhat. Psst. I’m talking about mental health. 

Grace remembers that she forgets about her friends who also have painful conditions. What does she do for them? Do they control their feelings about her? She can’t be around for everyone who is dying. She’s barely there for her self. 

Reminder upon reminder. Where are the edges? Fill out from the inside first?

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