Day 1 – Go Back To Where You Came From

Pre travel

Mrs B told me that she went back to “where she got her strength from”.

Day 1

It’s 2am and I am hungry again. I have eaten

  • on international flight, two meals, and the leftovers of someone’s crackers and a slaw
  • at airport – two sweet buns
  • on domestic flight, one spicy pasta
  • on street where my hotel is, char quay teow
  • again, won ton noodles

I have been googling

  • eyelash extensions
  • walking food tours
  • SIM cards

I have been talking to

  • random Thai man on the street who asked me for directions then asked if I wanted to walk with him
  • great Uber driver abut politics
  • hotel staff about the wifi
  • my honey

I have been noticing

  • old ladies eating at hawker stalls noticing me
  • tourist ladies in skimpy outfits and swishy hair
  • the karaoke from across the street
  • tourist men sitting outside touristy bars
  • white people
  • Chinese people
  • Other people who wear more clothes than white and Chinese people
  • the young Thai boys at the massage parlour

As far as I am able, I will learn what it is like to be in my skin, in my shoes, here.

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