Let’s say there are 10 players. Let’s start here and see where we go.

Shazam – they’re FRESH AIR. Julie forgets they exist and then whammo, there they are and she’s smiling, blown through and refreshed. Laughter is inevitable, gulping and happy. “You just went from a 3 to a 10!”

Tootheye – a little catch or a skip when they’re in the room. What style. Like Forest, Julie wants their clothes and a face that could carry off that hair. Curious about what they see and what people project onto them. Why they are left out and sidelined when it comes to jobs. No good reasons? When did they start announcing pronoun preferences? So they remember the silly thing Julie said the other week?

Forest – where did she get her hair from? Before meeting her officially, Julie had stood too close to her at the Vietnamese. She’s noticed her and then, in a bid to be friendly to the person who never did return the favour, invaded Forest’s personal space. Dammit. Luckily, she didn’t seem to care.

Sunshine in Grey Land – how kind! They came to say hello, made an effort to reach out. Took the lift, opened several doors, stepped in, smiled and offered a hand. This kind of bridge building is precious. Pale face in a position of hope. Julie’s tongue remembered the smell of hot seasoned woks.

Bill – an owner who knows that their beast brings joy. And he’s not reduced or threatened by it. Generosity to strangers and care. Tall spectacled man. It’s a good thing you’re somewhere.

Paper Lady – Jules’ fingers tested the sharp baby teeth of your pup. Juggling coffee cup, phone and lead, a magnetic fluffball at the end of it, you bumbled in irregular circles and apologised for nothing at all. Paper Dog – if I squeezed you too hard you wouldn’t behave like a sausage. You are tastier. Julie will never see you again, or she won’t recognise you if she does.

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