Stagecraft, please come back!


It seems as though stagecraft is dead. I am so glad I chose to study melodrama, something I knew nothing about, with Philippe Gaulier. Prior to that, learning about presence from Adrian Gillott, who’s had such great teachers too, and Krystian Godlewski.

So. If you’re playing a big theatre especially, you really must play to everyone with love and humility. [Cate Blanchett, by the way, is an excellent actress and electrified all the air in the space when I saw her in Gross und Klein.]

I do not want to see floppy actors who have no idea they have limbs, shuffling about on stage. Stop physical mumbling! Stop apologising for being on stage. Stop being ungenerous bastards and show us yourselves so that we can have a good time out at the theatre. Bloody take responsibility for what you are doing and own your show. And please go get some proper training and/or put some time into finding out what makes great performances and productions so good. Stop being lazy, stop making excuses.

Choice of production. Stop putting on pieces that don’t enrich the universe. I really don’t want to sit through anything that says nothing about life or about being alive. Test 1: if you, O producer and team, don’t feel your work is important, then please don’t ask me to watch it.

More important than presenting meaningful ideas, I really expect to be entertained and moved on a purely visceral and emotional level. None of the need to understand the history of anything, intellectual prodding, knowledge of technical skill behind the scenes etc. NONE OF THAT. It has to hit me in the gut and make my me gape and change my breathing and change ME.

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