Radio Gaga


Adrian Gillott is one of my favourite creators out there at the moment. He makes solo performances and works with others, writes, has a delightful radio show and makes films I love. I have a mortifying story of how we first met, over a decade ago. It involves a butler. I didn’t know him well then, and was very happy to re-find him, years later. I recall, at some point, elbowing my way into a lunch date he had with our mutual friend R because I had wanted to see R who was on a brief visit to the UK. I also recall traipsing to the Rosemary Branch Theatre one chilly evening to see his show. It was cold, dark and I wasn’t in the habit of going anywhere not near a tube station. (It can’t have been cold, actually, as it was his pre-Edinburgh show, so pre-August?). Anyhow, when the show started, I recall a chill of mouth-drying, eye-widening wonderment I still pretty much feel these days when I experience Adrian. 

Fast forward a few years and I can’t get enough of working with Adrian and wish I could invade his body sometimes, and take over his genius. But no! It is probably a better pleasure to enjoy him from my body and to be evangelical about his work. One of these days I hope to snaffle him away to make a show between us. It’s a dream.

Do listen to his radio show here. It’s called Page One and is the first page of second hand books read out delitghfully. Of course, it’s much, much more than that. I hope you discover it for yourselves.


Below is a trailer for Adrian and Christina Scheulz’s film, Something Swing. A screening and an evening of dance will take place on 22 Nov at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Tickets on sale soon.

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