Burn, baby, BURN


Salena Godden is magnificent in these videos. Do watch them both here.

Strangely, it seems as if the musicians didn’t really listen to what she was saying, which, I suppose, illustrated some of the words in her piece all the more.

Here is what I wrote about her and these videos for the Brautigan Book Club site. The full piece is here:

“Salena presented a heartbreakingly wonderful piece in response to The Abortion – An Historical Romance 1966 – way back when we were in the funny little nautical room. I happened to watch these two videos (watch the second one too) last night and sent Salena a message late into the night cajoling her to bring some Salena to us. I hadn’t before because I was…shy. Scared. I mean, this woman, this stupendous force of nature, full of gorgeous love, is a busy, busy, beautiful, busy lady. BUT when the videos ended, I had to ask. I wanted this piece, Limp Expectations, I desired having Salena back in the room with us because it, and she, is so much about never giving up on yourself, on your dreams, on your desire to do whatever it is you love – writing, baking, composing, crocheting jumpers, building bridges, making mosaics, walking through fields, dancing the night away, singing in the loudest, most joyous, off key hollering foot-stomping style you can…Whatever it is – about burning brighter and doing living and loving like there’s no tomorrow, as if you could never do it again.

So much, or all of the Brautigan Book Club has been about my belief in people being given the space and time to dream and for fires to be kindled. If I wanted to persist with my metaphor, well, ahem, I guess I sometimes find it cold and lonely out there, and the Brautigan Book Club has been a place, monthly and more regularly online, where I’ve been able to warm my hands and heart. Some of Salena’s publically acknowledged achievements have been highlighted below, but you know, what’s more important to me, and I know it’s important because I have felt it, basked in, and grown in it, is that it’s Salena herself that is ablaze with life.

I love you all and I am grateful to everyone who’s been a part of this very first year of the Brautigan Book Club . I know many might think I’m a bit mad, or that I’m the kind of person who loves everyone and everything, but I (and anyone who knows me well!) can assure you, I’m so bloody not! You, my dear, wonderful Brautiganites, Brautigang, are special.


So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away – Brautigan

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