A Brautiganesque Compilation Album

Over the last couple of weeks, in the run up to Richard Brautigan’s birthday on 30th January, I uploaded audio recordings which have been compiled to accompany a special edition version of the Vol.1 Brautigan Book Club zine which I edited specially for The (inter)National Unpublished Writers Day, (in)NUWD 2013, Washington, USA. Read about me and the NUWD here.

Please feel free to download and spread the files below, all of which were recorded on iphones and other basic machines, capturing some of our lives here in London. You’ll find two files of my band, Friends of Friends, rehearsing for our fist gig. FOF is stephenmcaines, Pascal Barras and me. These guys rock my world. If you’d like to hear more of us, get in touch! We’re currently holed up and writing more music.

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