Video: Brautigan Book Club 2012

This video is of the final Brautigan Book Club event of 2012 held in November. It summarises an evening, a year, full of love, delight, discovery, intense emotions.

The event itself was a mega-bash, not the usual, ultra lo-fi monthly events which, to be honest, filled me with such a particular joy each time I was there, I missed it. It was always a surprise. I mean, I wasn’t surprised that they always turned out to be lovely evenings, I was surprised because the things people brought to the room – the love, the care, the stories, the attention – were absolutely the gifts I needed each month, there and then.

In Nov, we had poets, magicians, eccentric dancers, writers, comedians, pop musicians, a DJ and a performance sculptor who stole the show.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and the Brautigan Book Club, directly or indirectly. You’re scattered across the country and wider afield, across the globe! You’re wonderful! Keep up the love and live well.

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