A superhero and a princess at a MEGA Dance Party

Luci Willis produced this wonderful audio file for me. Listen to Luci reading a small section, Once Broken, Twice Shy – the fairytale component of a piece I have been writing. Hearing Luci read the story makes me very happy indeed. She chose it from the longer piece and I believe that her attachment to it gives her reading an amazing life.
Below is a response to a provocation by GS:
If I were a superhero, I would have the power of helping people be the best they could be. I think I aspire to this in some weird way already, and it hurts me when I fail at it. I also wonder if I am wrong for wanting to interfere with people’s lives when I should perhaps look closer to home, and look after myself first. I feel that I may be trying to run before I can walk.

I don’t want to learn how to fly, I don’t need to be able to have X-ray vision but perhaps these skills might help me flee foes, or at least, identify rotten hearts before I become embroiled.

I don’t want to grow gills, or bend like a rubberband, but perhaps they might help me survive the floods of tears and enable me to bounce back quicker.

If I am sounding morose, I apologise. I am in the middle of deliberating whether or not to communicate with someone who I have lost as a friend. I don’t know what their superpower might be but I wish them all the power in the world, in some perverse way, to heal themselves.

There I go again.

What if I wiped the slate clean? What if I chose a power to blow cities to the ground, incinerate with my eyes, drive mad with my singing?

My hands are cold from the effort of being alive today. My body is working hard to heat itself in the cold. I find myself holding my breath and make myself exhale.

If I were a superhero, my power would be to create beautiful music and art so exquisite that people everywhere would have souls that danced after they’d experienced my gifts. I would also have the power to remain grateful to my friends, the ability to see them for who they are.

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