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On Jan 3 2014, we hosted an informal play-reading session for writer, Erik Patterson who was in the UK for a few days. I collected a wonderful group of writers, producing artists, dramaturgs, performers and friends and we read three of Erik’s pieces, each at different stages of production, ate, drank and were merry.

Sex Lives of Strangers

Ru: Jessica Stanley

Mick: Daniel York

Dylan: Rob Sladden

Julianne: Sarah Le Fevre

Stage directions: Anna Sulan Masing, Tristam

Audience: Jennifer Lim, Elizabeth Chan, Tanya Roberts

He Asked For It

Ted: Charles Adrian aka Adrian Gillott

Neal: Austin Spangler

Rigby: Sean Patterson

Marcus: Gary Merry

Sophie: Grace Willis

Henry: Jamie Wood

Steve: Allan Taylor

AOL, Stage directions: Isabelle Schloecher

Audience: Elizabeth Chan, Michael Keene, Louise Stephens Alexander, Michael Caines, Maries Hamilton, Penny Cliff, Stacey L Swift

Tender Form – Sex, Lies and Wheelchairs, An Office Comedy (working title)

Tracey: Gloria Sanders

Roger: Charles Adrian aka Adrian Gillott

Joe: Gary Merry


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