I got interviewed and I liked it

The lovely team at To Do List London sent me some rather lovely questions about the Anti-Valentine Festival and noticed I was also in Chimerica.

I rather like what I say in this interview, despite the repeated parentheses and exclamation marks! Do have a read and let me know of any other things I could be doing in 2014, especially if they’re things you’re organising or performing in.

Have a great day!

How did your Anti-Valentine month come about?

“I love throwing events, especially events at BGWMC, which are lo-fi, warm, full of delight and friends – new and old. Writer, performer and broadcaster Charles Adrian and I have a long-standing collaboration of putting together evenings at the club which we believe add to the sum total of loveliness in the world and gosh, isn’t February just one of those months where extra warmth is vital?

The Anti-Valentine festival of three separate evenings is carefully designed to bring together the artists we love, make them do the things they love, and thus, spread some real, chewy, exciting loveliness around. It’s not about bunny-boiling, hand-wringing woe, but a celebration of relish. It’ll be like no other evening you’ve been to (unless you’ve come to my other nights, Samantha’s Sunday Night Supper Club and the Brautigan Book Club) – it’s not cabaret or variety in the way we think of these things now, but a lovely friend did describe it as a cosy performance picnic. It’s pretty international, ignores any “scenes” out there, but features some pretty amazing artists coming together in interesting permutations. Basically, this, like all my events, will be as close as possible to my fantasy evening in, with friends, food, drink and entertainment, but out.”

Read more about Chimerica and my top tips for London things at http://todolist.org.uk/vera-chok-2/#BAZWrCtgYX0GVHTt.99


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