The Anti-Valentine Festival (Thursdays, Feb 13, 20, 27th at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club) is fast approaching and I am whipping up as much love as possible in the run up. Was talking to some artists at a Stacy Makishi workshop recently, and the exercise was to discuss our least favourite month. I think that, with the amount of lovely events coming up, we’re going be A-ok this month. xoxo

Have a look at the other events our Anti-Valentine artists are up to in this very month itself. Ranging from charred talks on Steinbeck (sexy!) and campaigns for kindness (such a great project and show. Please do look it up and go), 

1. Bernadette Russell’s show and project 366 Days of Kindness* at Jackson’s Lane, 6-7th Feb. What she’s started, made, shared is really inspiring. Bernadette has contributed a film and hand-crafted charms for our festival. She also runs White Rabbit, a live-lit night, which is awesome.

“This project attempts to answer the question; “Is it possible to change the world just by being kind?” 

3. Paula Varjack’s Anti-Slam (the worst poet wins! Adrian and I will be competing!) on Feb 14th AND her solo show at Chelsea Theatre, 22 – 23 Feb which promises to be riveting. I’m going!

4. Samantha Mann, our favourite hostess, will be at Party Piece on 4th Feb which is FREE. Tom Webb’s evening is a delight. He is very funny. 

5. stephenmcaines from my band, Friends of Friends, is chairing a FREE panel discussion at LSE focussing on The Grapes of Wrath, on 25th Feb, to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Details here

6. Daniel York who is in Wondermare the band, is acting on stage in a play looking at “the intersection between art and money”. On till Feb 23. Check it out. I am going this Saturday.  

7. Ana Gallego has a show on the 27th (YES, it clashes with my set at our festival which I obviously want you to be at too, so….!). It’s with the lovely and bizarre Carlo. Details here.

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